Choosing Light is an experience, an important journey that influences your life.

The Light you choose changes your life.

It is the first thing we see and, they say it is also the last. We look for it always and everywhere, it changes our mood and makes us fall in love.

And it doesn’t matter if it comes from the Sun or from a light bulb, the effect it has on us can and must be the same.

That’s why we don’t talk about choosing a light, we talk about choosing the Light.

I’ve had my hand in lighting since I was a little boy.

My family owned a lighting and systems engineering company and my father’s work tools became my toys.

Pipes, drills, cables, chandeliers, wires, the objects of my childhood have become the protagonists in my work. Those same hands that once played with tools today design, create and choose.

On construction sites with architects and builders, I learned the language of Light and as a musician on stage I discovered it as a theatrical backdrop.

Renzo Serafini: from engineering company into one of lighting production.

«The light bulb must guide inside the space, it must tell the space.»

Renzo Serafini, together with 031, my other big project, are the artisan crafts of lighting.

Why customized lighting?

Because every space has a different function and story to tell, and we design according to this.

The world doesn’t need duplicates, it needs innovators, things done well and even more so things done well with passion.

Renzo Serafini is precisely this.

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Love has grown and matured over the years and has made Light a necessary and indispensable component for me today that I introduce into every area of life.

In 1989 I took over the family business and by 2011 I transformed it from being an engineering company into one of lighting production.

The love for my work and the experience accumulated over the years are now called Renzo Serafini.

My job today is to make people discover and love Light, transforming spaces according to the stories and feelings they want to tell.

Renzo Serafini Illumination's Factory