I am the home of light / a welcoming place / I collect you / obedient light / You dress me / light, who are you? / solid light / misty light / bright light / angry light / liquid light / that I don’t hold back / that crosses me / to which I belong / rough light / hostile light / broken light / biting light / I chew you / I swallow you / You fall on the floor / light that runs away / that slips away / makes a light den / but leaves a trail / Explained / crumpled / sleepy, light / you fall overhang / and roll away / Furious / angry / boiling/ I have you in my hands: glowing / Irresponsible / you’re a painful light /

but you are my light
you are indispensable, light.
Come back to me
Heart warming home

Text by Gloria Perosin

Raw black iron or brass finish, black fabric coated electric wire, transparent decorative glass, ceiling base, LED bulb included.