Uniqueness in Imperfection

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It can happen that an iron tube, at the moment of cutting, does not remain perfect.

It can happen that one sheet is more stained than another, and lines and marks appear during the processing.

These imperfections are what makes each of our products so unique.

Unique, imperfect and unrepeatable: like an emotion, like every one of us.

Renzo Serafini Collection: Uniqueness


Our work closely revolves around handmade products.

Capable hands, artisan hands, hands full of life that are not afraid to get dirty and even get excited when doing so.

The material we use is a raw material, mainly iron, which is why very often each piece is different from the other.

Each hand, one person. Every lamp, a story.


Our daily commitment is to continuously search for new techniques to make the product interesting and atypical, parallel to the classic world of light.

Materials and shapes to be in continuous evolution, just like every one of us.

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It was her who noticed me.

I never imagined that accepting this proposal would take me here.

I arrived more than half an hour early to quell my usual fear of making a bad impression. I looked around, all around me, at nothing.

She noticed me.

I parked the car along the dusty road, near the ditch that skirted the cottage. Even though so many years had passed, I still remembered everything by heart. Even though so many years had passed, nothing had changed. I wondered why it wasn’t the same for people.

It was she who noticed me.

In the silence of the countryside, the squeaking of the heavy metal door that I pushed forcefully frightened the birds that escaped by flapping their wings. Alone and in silence I entered the tool shed.

She noticed me.

I let my eyes get used to the darkness. I was the only one who knew where she was but at that moment I didn’t know where to look. I started to look: I moved, I lifted, I turned. I thought maybe I got it wrong. I was on the verge of leaving when she noticed me.

The blackened base was sticking out from underneath a tool. I got closer and I noticed that the body was dented, that the bulb had shattered. I felt the same way. I moved the pile of scrap metal that was crushing it and pulled it out carefully.

Ten minutes to go, I had to get out in a hurry. I wrapped it with a dirty cloth, pressed it to my chest and pulled the big metal handle tight. Without leaving time for the eyes to get used to the light this time, I ran towards the car chased by the sound of my footsteps.
I got in, started the car and drove off. She was beside me, dirty and tired.

“Let’s go home”, I thought without looking back.

Non avrei mai immaginato che accettare quella proposta mi avrebbe portato lì.

Arrivai con più di mezzora di anticipo per il mio solito timore di fare brutta figura. Guardai in giro, intorno a me il nulla.

Fu Lei ad accorgersi di me.

Parcheggiai la macchina lungo la strada polverosa, vicino al fossato che costeggiava il casolare. Nonostante fossero passati tanti anni, ricordavo ancora tutto a memoria. Nonostante fossero passati tanti anni, niente era cambiato. Mi chiesi perché non fosse lo stesso per le persone.

Fu Lei ad accorgersi di me.

Nel silenzio della campagna, il cigolio della pesante porta di metallo che spinsi con forza spaventò degli uccelli che scapparono sbattendo le ali. Solo e in silenzio entrai nel capanno degli attrezzi.

Fu Lei ad accorgersi di me.

Lasciai che gli occhi si abituassero al buio. Ero l’unico a sapere dove fosse ma in quel momento non sapevo dove appoggiare lo sguardo. Iniziai a cercare: spostavo, alzavo, giravo. Pensai che forse avevo capito male. Ero sul punto di andarmene quando Lei si accorse di me.

La base annerita spuntava da sotto un attrezzo. Mi avvicinai e mi accorsi che il corpo era ammaccato, che la lampadina era andata in frantumi. Mi sentii allo stesso modo. Spostai con forza l’ammasso di ferraglia che la schiacciava e la estrassi con attenzione.

Mancavano dieci minuti, dovevo uscire di corsa. La avvolsi con un panno sporco, la strinsi al petto e tirai deciso la grande maniglia di metallo. Senza stavolta lasciare il tempo agli occhi di abituarsi alla luce, corsi verso la macchina inseguito dal rumore dei miei passi.

Salii, misi in moto, partii. Lei era accanto a me, sporca e stanca.

“Torniamo a casa”, pensai senza guardare indietro.

Text by Gloria Perosin


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